Community Advantages are a Sports Coaching organisation that specialise in providing sport to Primary Schools and nurseries. We help schools and nurseries to develop and improve upon the quality of sport that is delivered to children both as part of the curriculum and as extra curricular activities. Between all of our Coaches, and through all of our schools, we work with over 1000 children every week.

Sport has a different meaning to different children. Children have varied levels of natural ability and competitiveness. Children take part in sport for different reasons and gain from participation in sport in different ways. We understand this, and always attempt to provide a sporting service that meets the needs of every participating child.

The importance of children participating in sport from a young age is vital. We're all aware of the importance of healthy living, and taking part in sport provides the foundations to this. However, taking part in sport goes beyond health, fitness and exercise. Community Advantages are always looking to help their sporting participants to develop and increase their social networking skills, positive communication, team bonding skills and to make new friends. We believe that we can use sport to teach children essential and valuable life skills.

Our idea is that the primary focus of any sporting game should be fun for every participant, inclusion for every participant and equality between all participants, regardless of natural ability. Children who are coached by Community Advantages are educated in the importance of being part of a team, being a good sports person, playing fairly, truthfully, in the right spirit and of positive communication with all other participants. We believe it is more important to learn, develop and improve as sports people than it is to win.

We always seek to reach our FILES objectives in all the sports activities we provide.
FILES include, but is not limited to:

Fun for every participant.

Inclusion for every participant.

Learning opportunities for every participant.

Equality between all participants regardless of natural ability.

Safety for all participants.